Paul Gustave Doré, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Paul Gustave Doré, Illustrations for the poem „The Rime of the Ancient Mariner“, written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge; 1866

Wherefore stopp'st thou me? (1)

The Wedding Guest (2)

Red as a Rose is the Bride (3)

The Ship Fled the Storm (4)

It was Wondrous Cold (5)

The Ice was All Around (6)

The Albatross (7)

I shot the Albatross (8)

I had done a hellish thing (9)

Water, water, every where (10)

The Death-Fires Danced at Night (11)

Nine fathom deep he had followed us (12)

The Death Ship Nears (13)

The Game is Done! (14)

Each cursed me with his eye (15)

No saint took pity (16)

I looked upon the rotting sea (17)

And yet I could not die (18)

The moving Moon went up to the Sky (19)

I watched the water-snakes (20)

The rain poured down from one black cloud (21)

They all uprose (22)

The sails made on a pleasant noise (23)

I fell down in a swound (24)

Two voices in the air (25)

Without wave or wind (26)

The shadow of the moon (27)

In crimson colors came (28)

A heavenly sight (29)

The skiff-boat nears (30)

The Whirl (31)

The Pilot (32)

Oh shrieve me, holy man (33)

Strange power of speech (34)

I know the man that must hear me (35)

The Wedding Guests (36)

So Lonely (37)

The mariner is gone (38)

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